Fuck no WF kids

shine on you crazy stars

When are you guys going to update?

idk this blog is a sad amalgamation of me and a friends false feelings of superiority so prob never

hey dude, i am a warriors fan, but so is my 6 year old sis, she goggled the warrior cat forums and found this, could you please remove the swear words?


no sry

Wow, seriously? If you don't mean to offend anybody, then why are you making fun of a forum mostly made up of ten year olds? And swearing right in the title? You seriously have no life, making fun of kids who don't know any better. I was a member of the forum, but quit soon after because of the member's immaturity, but this? That's Lower than sea level. I got news for you; there were warriors forums before this, and many of them are smart enough to know when were being insulted right to our face

wenever check this blog anymore cos tbh its stupid and unfunny but idk this ask is way more stupid and im laughin check ur superiority friend u arent as cool and clever as u probably think

i only logged on to delete this but nvm

this was as it turns out a very fun thread so here are the choice cuts (the ones with me in them)

grammar tho

grammar tho???

heres the part where we decide who gets to post this to fno

the chosen one „, , its me„,

its a curse guys